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Pre-Travel Steps To Reduce Jet Lag Effects

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If you ask any person who frequently travels to far places, he or she will tell you of tricks to overcome jet lag problems. Fortunately, there are jet lag cures that work. Much will also depend on preparation before the departure. Your preparation will help you eliminate jet lag or overcome its effects. The following are some jet lag tips:

Consistent sleep pattern
If you do not follow a certain routine in weeks and days before the journey, your internal clock will be disrupted. This can happen even before you start the jet lag effects 11journey and effects of jet lag will be magnified.

Balanced and healthy diet
Diet plays an important role as it ensures you get good sleep during the night. The diet should have an appropriate balance of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains. Caffeine and alcohol are very important part of your diet to eliminate jet lag. You should reduce their intake some days before departure. If you cannot stop the intake, it is necessary to reduce their intake. Limit your intake between 2 pm and 5 pm. When you take caffeine late in the day, it speeds up your body clock. On the other hand, taking it in the morning has opposite effect. When you take it during the day, it has little or no effect on the body’s circadian rhythms.

Regular exercise
Regular exercise improves quality, consistency, and duration of your sleep cycle. Some exercises that last for a minimum of 20 minutes will prepare your body for the journey.

Reduce stress
This is a factor that is often overlooked in the jet lag equation. The stress can arise from the journey itself. You may find yourself running at the 11th hour jet lag effects 12trying to do one thing and other.

You should plan well in advance. Everything you should do at home and work should be completed in advance of your departure. When planning for the journey, ensure you clear all you can and make a particular time available in the pre-journey. Plan to have plenty of relaxation some days before the departure. This will greatly reduce your stress, which has an effect on jet lag effects.

Jet lag can be a very dangerous disorder that is caused by crossing several time zones in a short period. If you travel far from your home, it will be difficult to avoid jet lag symptoms. You should learn to cure jet lag by using right medication and tips.