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A Closer Look At Pruvit’s Keto OS Supplement


Keto OS or Keto Operating System is a name given to a ketone-based supplement produced by Pruvit Company. According to Keto OS Reviews, this supplement operates on the basic idea of initiating weight loss by allowing your body to go into ketosis. Ketosis refers to a natural metabolic state when the body burns fat as a source of energy as opposed to carbohydrates. The Keto OS supplement is meant to be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper diet and exercise.

Facts to Know

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For ketosis to occur in the body, you need to have a zero carb diet over a given period. Ketosis OS supplements have the ability to bring the body to a ketosis state, without the need of having to do a special diet or fast. The supplement comes in a powder form, which you are supposed to mix with water and drink to increase the level of ketone in the blood and take the body into ketosis.


Keto OS is considered 100% safe. This is because it works by allowing the body to enter into a natural state as opposed to tampering with it. However, if you have any medical condition, it is always advisable to seek the advice of a doctor before taking any nutritional product, which includes Keto OS. The supplement has been widely researched, tested, and approved by doctors.

Benefits of using Keto OS

The most obvious benefit is natural weight loss. It offers one of the most efficient and safe ways of burning body fat. Another benefit is the body getting increased energy. Fats consumed during the ketosis period produce a lot of energy, which you can take advantage of to carry out your normal day-to-day activities. Other benefits that will also come along will include healthy blood pressure levels and cognitive functioning.

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Does Keto OS have any side effect? As with any supplement, different individuals will experience different results, which is not any different to Keto OS. However, the side effect is very mild and occurs due to a natural process. The side effect likely to be experienced is increased frequency of urination during ketosis, as the body flushes out the glycogen stores.

Keto OS results

Time has proven that this amazing supplement from Pruvit does work effectively to aid in weight loss. There are many testimonials from users who have had success with it. Furthermore, the science behind it is solid meaning that results are almost guaranteed.