Benefits Of Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana can impact one’s memory by making things faint and also can cause dependency. Despite the side effects, there are many benefits to medical marijuana. Click here for the EJMix Review.


Decrease in anxiety

hgghgghghghghghghMedical marijuana is used during chemotherapy to suppress the side effects. This is because the drug assists in suppressing nausea and pain relief. The drug when used correctly improves the mood of the smoker (thus suppressing one’s anxiety) it is also used as a sedative in some cases. On the downside, if the marijuana is taken in high doses it does the reverse causes paranoia and increases anxiety.

Medical marijuana is known to fight, prevent and regulate some diseases

Research and studies on the medical marijuana have proven that several diseases can be combated by marijuana i.e. Glaucoma, and also known for controlling epileptic seizures, also for prevention of cancer, medical marijuana is also known for easing the pain of multiple sclerosis.  Medical marijuana is also known for reduction of hepatitis C side effects.

Medical marijuana improves metabolism and aides in weight loss

Marijuana regulates insulin production thus aiding in calorie management of the body making the body take calories more efficiently. That explains why people who smoke weed are slimmer compared to their cigarettes counterparts.

It is a lesser evil regarding addictions

As compared to alcohol and drugs weed is a better evil. A study was conducted, and it was discovered that most individuals find it easy to use pot than other forms of addictions.

In some cases, weed brings about focus and mental creativity

Medical marijuana increases focus kin the job and creativity due to mental stimulation. Marijuana does not affect short term memory, however, if a test requires you to be innovative, then weed may come in handy. Medical cannabis makes you smarter by improving your creativity as per studies.

Help the lungs heal from effects of tobacco

Marijuana does not affect the lungs if something smoking marijuana helps do away with tobacco side effects. A weed smokers’ lungs increase in capacity with time while a tobacco smokers’ lungs deteriorate.

Easing the effects post traumatic stress disorder

gfgfgfgfggfffgfgfMedical marijuana help in the relaxation of people living with post traumatic stress disorder. Post traumatic stress disorder Is a side effect of war and any other traumatic experience by someone. Weed is one of the only medications that deals with post traumatic stress disorder. Marijuana for such purpose is available over the counter.

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